Thursday, July 23, 2015

New Heart Shape Ruffled Edge Candle Shape

New Woven Heart Shaped Wickless Candles

This beautiful candle feature a detail woven heart with ruffled edge. You'll love this wickless candle melt for yourself or as a stocking stuffers favor. You will get three package with a ribbon, making our adorable gift to give-and easy to keep for yourself.
net weight. 2oz
Height: 2 5/8" Width: 2 7/8" Thickness: 1/2" Sucker Stick Size: 4 1/2"

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Lemon Squares Scent

New Lemon Squares Fragrance Scent

This fragrance is the mouth-watering aroma of the famous lemon square dessert we all love so much.  Our lemon squares fragrance begins with top notes of lemon, pie crust, citrus peel, and aldehydic effervescent notes;  followed by middle notes of butter and coconut;  sitting on a base note of zesty vanilla. 

This perfect to use in any of our wickless candles shape and bath and body products.

The scent is simply amazing!!!

Monday, July 20, 2015

Aromatherapy Passion Collection

Wrapped some Passion in our New Aromatherapy Passion Collection!
Wrapped your home and yourself in our new relaxing scent.
This new fragrance is one that will help your worries melt away.  Aromatherapy Relaxation fragrance is a combination of fragrance oils and essential oils. The aroma of fresh picked lavender flowers, with a faint background of musk.
This is a perfect scent to add to any of our candle, bath and body line.
Enjoy the magical scent of Aromatherapy Passion in our Bath Bomb! 

Delight in the fresh scent of Passion as a great calming effect to use in bath salts.

Let the aroma of our Shower Steamer release the stress when you have the Aromatherapy Passion fragrance as your choice of scent.

Use it in our wickless candles for a more of home fragrances.

Try our new scent in our Min~Cake sugar scrubs. Just great as an exfoliate.


Thursday, July 16, 2015

Comedy Underground Celebrities Event

Comedy Underground Series Event
This year Sweet Candle Melts and Bath Treats will have the most exciting opportunity to participate in this upcoming "Comedy Underground" event hosted by Flex Alexander on Friday July 17. I met his wife Shanice years back in high school when she came to Detroit. I was exited to hear from Stacy after she visit my Etsy Shop. She was excited to hear that I will be sending my bath bomb so she can give them as gift to the high-profile attendees.

I could only whipped out 80 bomb on such short notice even though she wanted 160!!! The VIP celebrities will each get my hand made Bath Bomb along with my business cards as well as "Love on Death Row" book business card.

I know it's kinda all over the place, but I had it in a small box and I realized that I have to get a bigger box. I will have to make a Ice pack so it can arrived safely. I also added Bentonite Clay which not only help clean impurities and fabulous in bath products, but it also make my bath bomb harder.
As you can see from my photo above, they are ready to ship out priority of course.
One of the most exciting rewards that comes with being a business owner is that each of the these events or promoters want something that is different and unique. I am pretty sure that some of these ladies celebrities or guys who want to give to a special someone in their life; would love the time and effort that I put into each one of my bath bomb. I made a lot of different design so everyone would have the same bomb.
These bath Bombs are made with special ingredients like: Shea Butter and Arrowroot powder(Maranta arundinacea) which is a white, silky powder. It is used as a natural alternative to "talc" because talc contain asbestos and I want my products to be as natural as possible.
So I am excited and I can't wait to see what happen next.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Vintage Chicago~Rockabilly and Tiki Event

Vintage Garage Chicago Event and Gift Giving
Can you picture Rock & Roll, popular 50's songs, the swing, jazz and the famous boogie. What about the famous names like Elvis and Buddy Holly. I'm talking about a moment in history where everyone was dressed like the 50's. Pretty cool right!
Vintage Chicago
Welcome to Vintage Chicago, where every year Melissa Sands put on 5 to 6 events where not just locals, but people from all over the Chicago area comes to buy and sell their vintage and unique merchandise.
This is probably the last place that you would expect to find my handmade Mini-Cake Sugar Scrubs, Right! Not really. When Melissa contact because of seeing my items at my Etsy Shop she was excited and I was delighted. She of course had a huge success with her company which caused her to be feature on Chicago TV (WGN).

I was super excited for this opportunity to participate in the Rockabilly and Tiki event which is to happen on July 19th. My handmade sugar scrubs will be found in her gift bag to pass out to those lucky contest winner. (Did I say she need 25!!!). No Sweat! I have package them all up right along with my business cards.

They are all ready to go in the Priority box waiting to be in the hands of those lucky contest winner.

These Sugar scrubs are made with Goat's Milk soap, sugar for exfoliating, Grapeseed Oil, Citrus Sinensis (which is also a natural colorant and it is loaded with Vitamin C and B1.)  and of course fragrances.

As a small business owner this has been very, very incredible and exciting experience for me and I can't wait to see what happen next.

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Little Critters Candle Melts

Little Critters Candle Tarts

Summer comes alive with these cute little critter candle melts. They are truly inspired by the bugs of the spring and summer for sure. Some are a pest and some are beautiful, but you don't have to worry about these little ones causing any trouble. They made to fit inside an 18wts or 24wts candle warmer or you cute off a piece and place it inside any candle warmer you might have around your home or office.
Welcome to our newest edition to our candle melt line. We have:
*Bumble Bee
These will come two in a pack and shipped in a resealed clear cello bag. You can have your choice of the Butterfly and Ladybug or the Bumble Bee and Dragonfly.

These adorable critters are just darling to have in your home or office. They are 2.5 ounces and pack with a lot of scent of your choice.
You can find these little critters on my Etsy Shop!

Monday, July 6, 2015

Got Feature on Savory Saving Blog Post

Great Review from Savory Saving Blog Post!

I was excited that Krista from Savory Saving was able to review my wickless candles on her blog. She received every this just find, I wasn't sure if the candles were going to arrived damaged or melted. Great news, she got everything in great condition.  She love the package and fun shape and the fragrance was amazing for her. This is what I scent her.

10 Butterfly wickless candle melts in two different scent.

5 Popsicle candle melts

Here is her link to read the rest of the review.

Savory Saving

My Etsy Shop